Wetlands around Lorient

Still some beautiful days of November … đź‘Ś It’s the right time to go again in the marshes and lagoons in the bay of Lorient. In the Pen ManĂ© swamps, the lapwings are still there, the geese, gray herons and egrets. A flight of mute swans passes over our heads in a buzzing of wings and with great trumpets. So beautiful..

On our way back home, we stopped at the farm to purchase some vegetables and I saw a sheep of the moor of Britany. This breed was almost extinct in the 80s, but it has regained interest since, thanks to passionate breeders in Britany.

The next day, we drive towards the small sea of ​​Gâvres, the Brant geese arrived in large numbers, several hundreds in small groups in the lagoons that come to eat in the meadows by continuously emitting nasal sounds .. Despite a few small showers, we feel good.. The light in the lagoon was soft, I took the opportunity to explore places where I have not gone yet.. the colors are beautiful and as usual, almost no one except birds in the distance ..

The small Sea of Gâvres is a lagoon which communicates with the harbor of Lorient. This wetland follows tidal movements and, at low tide, discovers mudflats appreciated by birds. A protected area of 24 hectares since 1995. It is also a quiet place, well-known for fishing on foot. At each great tide, especially if the weather is fine, many fishermen “scratch” the mud in search of shellfish. It’s possible to get closer enough to the birds: swans, egrets, seagulls, small wader (sandpiper), European Stonechat and sacred ibis (rather rare on our coasts) and a few fishermen on foot.

Then we drive at the top end of the lagoon where the nonprofit organization “Bretagne Vivante” was organizing a meeting on site to ask once again the French authorities of the region to classify the site as a biotope reserve to better protect the part of the lagoon where the birds come to rest and eat because human activities (foot fishing, kite surfing, and other walkers) constantly disturb the birds. It seems to take time, too much time .. lack of political will at the moment, dragging their feet as usual !! 






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