Port Belon

Sometimes the choice of a walk depends on little things: a reading, an image, an innocuous conversation. I had just finished a crime novel by Jean-Luc Bannalec – “the Unknown of Port Belon” – the evening before and that morning a beautiful sun and the sudden desire to see Port Belon. Just the time to catch my cameras, a jacket and here I am on the road to Pont Saint-Maurice. I cross the Laïta and I leave the abbey and the river behind me – another of my favorite ballads.  I decided quickly for the east bank of the Belon and stopped at the cove of Lanriot to admire the chapel and the megalithic stone dated 400 years BC. Like a reminiscence of the Celtic Lords, the ballad could not have started better .. Arriving on the harbor, the light is beautiful and the boats rest nonchalantly in the river. The water is transparent with silvery reflections in the distance like mirrors. From here, I can see the west shore under the sun, I see partialy the oyster beds and small houses with tables outside. I’m hungry now. I want to eat oysters, Belon’s plates. I want that hazelnuts taste in my mouth. The west shore is so close, 5 minutes by boat to cross the river but probably 15min by car as I have to go around the ria.

I drive around the estuary, it’s taking me at least 20-30 minutes to reach the west bank crossing the river at bridge Caillot. I am now on the side of Riec and I can reach Port Belon by the small roads going south. A table is at my disposal at the edge of the water in full sun. the perfect place! I order a dozen Belon, some langoustine and a glass of white wine. I wait patiently and let myself be lulled by the soft warmth and beauty of the place. My thoughts wander, I think back to the crime described in the book, it seems to me that it is near the parking lot where I left my car. The plot was well done and the author describes marvelously well this corner of Brittany where we live now. He publishes in France under an assumed name, he is German I think and he knows very well the region. English translations exist under his real name Bong Jörg: “Death in Brittany” and “Murder on Brittany Shores” are two english publication. The tray of oysters arrive at the right time, even the cats that look on my leftovers meal will not distract me from the pleasure of this meal in the sun. I decided to take the small hiking trails on the coastal path to the southern tip of Penquernéo at the mouth of the two rivers Aven and Belon. A jogger, few walkers, the silence … I watch the activity of the surrounding farms and the beauty of the country side. I can see Port Manech on the other side of the Aven river, its beach and its small colorful huts. I go up north by the Goulet Riec cove and then to the east to reach Port Belon again. A robin arises only a few meters away, jumping from branches to branches as if to show me his best profile. On the way back I stop at Clohars-Carnoët (the village of cider) to take a picture of the Church of Our Lady of Trogwall so typical. Just an other very good day ..

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