North France : Up to Dunkerque

We had a beautiful weeks for the month of October in North France, mostly sunny all time. We planned to visit the “Baie de Somme” and the Ornithologic Reserve of Marquenterre. On our way to North France, we stopped in the city of Granville in Normandy and we spent sometime driving in the marsh of Contentin looking for  the beautiful mud-house, a technic used in Normandy named “bauge”..

We settled on Le Crotoy and then Cap Hornu. The Bay of Somme in Autumn is so interesting with the blue-grey sky, the light on the bay is soft and some birds are still around. A day in the Marquenterre bird sanctuary, visiting Le Crotoy, the Authie bay, Saint Valery, Berck, Le Touquet, the Opale coast up to Dunkerque where I was 40 years ago.. Time flies… Spending the day in Malo-les-Bains where we met on the dam two firemen from Lille coming back from their training, walking in the sand dunes of Leffrinckoucke and Zuydcoote, looking for old building in the old harbor of Dunkerque and watching the big boats..

On our way back, we drove back across Normandy again and stopped in the beautiful city of Bayeux. We saw (for the first time) the tapestry of Bayeux which depicts the conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy. It’s really a beautiful piece of work : 70 metres (230 ft) long and 50 centimetres (20 in) tall made in England in the 1070s and amazingly still intact. We really enjoyed the city of Bayeux with its roman-gothic cathedral and many high quality shops in the old city. It’s also located near the coast and closed to the D-Day Landing Beaches that make it very convenient for many American. We decided to visit Omaha beach and the American cemetery before driving back to the Mont Saint-Michel bay (again..) and then back to Lorient.





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