Between Aven and Belon

A new day in South Finistere between Aven and Belon river, small villages between sea and land. By the small roads again to Port Belon and first stop at Chateau of Belon for oyster tasting with Elisabeth. The staff is at work a few meters from the tables with a great view overlooking the river. We admired the oyster park and we took the coastal path for a small walk. The tide is low, I can go down and take pictures of the oyster hut from the riverbed.

Then we leave for Pont-Aven and I let the time pass taking a cup of a coffee on the terrace of the “Café du Centre” while waiting for Elisabeth. I can see the bakery and the small shops around. We discuss with the bartender of the latest book by JL Bannalec. Many German tourists came to ask him if they can see the room where the dead person was found in the book. We laugh together ..

I love Pont-Aven, I come sometimes to visit a few painter’s galeries. Paul Gauguin lived here between entre 1886 et 1894. and there is a museum dedicated to the School of Pont-Aven which have been restored & rebuilt recently. The permanent collection is important something like 4500 pieces. We will have to come back an other day. We leave for the port of Kerdruc and we drove near the tide mill of Henan. The site is beautiful with the pond on one side and the Aven River on the other, all the stream banks lined-up with trees in red-orange. No wonder that Gauguin and the other painters loved that place of Britany. The countryside is beautiful at this time of the year, we parked on the harbor to admire the light, the boats and the shore lined with multicolored trees. The small boats (annexes) are aligned along the wharf, a man and his dog enjoy the sun’s rays.

Then we leave the harbor for Raguenez and the southern tip. The low tide has discovered the rocks between the coast and the island of Raguenez a few hundred meters. The oystercatcher and the turnstones are looking for food on the beach. Breathing plenty of fresh and clean air before leaving for Névez and Lorient. A very good day.


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